5 benefits of outsourcing your content.


When hiring an agency to manage your content, you avoid all the long-term expenses that come with hiring a full-time or part-time employee. This includes:

  • Employee leave, such as annual leave, sick leave, and long-service leave.
  • Specific training for employees who may need a particular skill set to complete the project.
  • Hiring extra staff to assist during the busy times of the year, such as EOFY or Christmas.

When you choose to source a reputable content agency that can manage your content, you don’t have to worry about all the other added costs in retaining permanent staff.


Top writing agencies will always deliver high-quality work in a shorter period compared to an in-house writer. And that’s not because an external writer is necessarily better than your full-time employee. It all comes down to the workload.

A full-time in-house writer may be subject to other tasks throughout the day, important meetings, and interruptions from other co-workers that may delay their ability to complete the initial project. Whereas an outsourced company whose sole focus is to complete your project will allocate and spend their time wisely without the typical office interruptions.

While you’re saving time outsourcing your content to a reputable agency, you can now concentrate on the larger projects without worrying about how there are not enough hours in the day. It’s all about working smarter, not harder.


One of Wordstamp’s clients confessed to having spent a whole 10 months trying to write their website’s content. Although he had the knowledge and expertise about his industry and services, he could not craft content that would resonate with his audience. Looking back, he now wishes he never allocated so much time trying to create content when he didn’t have to.

When we turned our client into a Wordstamp customer, his ten long months of getting content on his site turned into a three-day job. We optimised his content, conducted keyword research, and advised him on content marketing strategies to upgrade his website into a more Google-friendly layout.

Although he didn’t spend a dollar over the last ten months trying to write his own content, just imagine how much money he had lost by having a website that wasn’t effectively communicating his service to his audience. Not to mention his site was almost non-existent in Google. Not even searching his company name returned accurate results.

Needless to say, over the last few months, he’s now started to see traffic growth to his website, and that’s all through providing unique and helpful content to his potential consumers. A low-cost budget spent on outsourcing has lead to an insurmountable amount of business growth.


A fresh pair of eyes can do wonders to a business. It brings a different perspective, new ideas, and unique content marketing strategies that you may have overlooked because you were so involved in your own project.

At Wordstamp, every writer is an editor, every editor is a writer. And what I mean by that, is once the work has been written up, a fresh pair of eyes from another writer who hasn’t had much involvement in the project will overlook the content and contribute their opinion and thoughts. This allows us to not fall into the trap of tunnelled vision and will enable us to always think creatively and in line with the goals of the client.

For example, a client of ours who was selling products on their website didn’t realise that the “Buy Now” button was almost impossible to find unless you went through a series of clicks to get there. We stepped into the eyes of the customer, and with a fresh outlook, we were able to explain to the client the UX design flaw. Although to the client it may seem like a logical choice to have the Buy Now button in a particular place, little did they realise that to a customer it was very frustrating and complicated to buy the product. You can only imagine how this would have impacted their sales.

As obvious as the error may have been, it’s so easy to overlook what seems like common sense. So here’s your chance to not fall into the trap, and to be responsible enough to identify that sometimes it’s important to gain another’s perspective for the success of a project.


In a digital world, it’s essential to create content consistently and to keep your website updated. As a business owner, you may find it challenging to keep that momentum going with so many ad-hoc projects and tasks that pop up along the way. All of a sudden that weekly blog you were supposed to be maintaining hasn’t had a post on there for the last 3 months. It happens to the best of us!

Outsourcing your content to a credible agency will ensure that you are staying on top of producing consistent content to showcase to your audience. It’ll also demonstrate to your audience that you are trustworthy and relevant when they can see a company who is in tune with the digital sphere.

Let me ask you this. Would you buy a product or service from a website which advertised a promotional offer that expired in April, but you’re now in September?

You’d start to wonder, as a customer, if the person behind the business is still active, or if they’re going to be reachable if you need customer service.

There’s enough data on the web to see the correlation between non-updated websites and bounce back rates. You work so hard to ensure your business is successful, so don’t let something as “updating your content” be the reason why consumers aren’t engaging with your product or service.


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