Real estate ads

How to write real estate ads that sell.

Today you're not the real estate agent trying to think of what to write or the copywriter who landed a freelance gig writing on behalf of the agent. Today you're the buyer.

We've outlined with examples of how you can make sure you're highlighting all the right features to attract the right customer.

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SEO & page one

SEO doesn't guarantee page one.

Many SEO companies will try and sell you the dream that they can get you on page one of Google in just three months.

You'll invest a whole heap of money only to be left disappointed when you realise that it hasn't increased traffic to your site. Why? Read what Google has to say.

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Get a copywriter

4 reasons why you need a copywriter asap!

If you struggle with communicating your message effectively to your customers, you'll find hiring a copywriter or copywriting agency will do wonders for your company. How? We've outlined 4 reasons why your business needs a writing pro.

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Target audience

Writing for different audiences effectively.

We've collated different examples in this post to show you how to appeal to different audiences from consumers online to small businesses and more. These simple methods will help with converting customers.

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Outsourcing content

5 benefits of outsourcing content.

Saving time and money are the two no-brainer reasons. However, the other three reasons are what will take your business to the next level.

If you're serious about business' growth and how you can capitalise on the content side of things, then read on!

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Content abroad

India or the Philippines are not the answer.

If you're looking to pay next to nothing for good copy, think again. Cheap content usually goes hand in hand with spelling errors and poor grammar.

But the biggest issue of outsourcing content abroad lies in this post.

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