How to write real estate ads that sell.

One of the key points to writing strong real estate ads is structure. Whether you’re a real estate writer, a copywriter, or a real estate agent looking for some inspiration and direction, this post will provide you with the handy tips you need to nail that ad.

The Wordstamp checklist above is a handy guide that'll help you think like the keen buyer or potential investor looking at the property you're writing for. Below we've included examples to help you along the way.

How Do I Write A Compelling Headline?

A strong headline is vital when writing a real estate ad. If your headline doesn’t capture your reader’s interest, they most likely won’t bother reading the rest of the article.

Keep your headline short and sweet, yet informative. Consider what keywords your potential reader would have used to stumble on your real estate ad, and then use those keywords along with your creativity to craft your headline. Here are a couple of examples to help you along the way:

Example 1:
  • Property Features: Double-storey, six bedrooms, modern home, close to the beach.
  • Potential Buyers: those with large families, looking for extra space, lifestyle is essential.
Example Headlines:
  • HUGE Double-Storey
  • Modern Family Home – So MUCH SPACE!         
  • Large Family Home Right Near the Beach

Example 2:

  • Property Features: Stylish 2-bedroom apartment, close to CBD, affordable.
  • Potential Buyers: young couples, roommates, location and transportation are essential.
Example Headlines:
  • Stylish 2 Bedder with City-Fringe Living
  • Affordable Apartment with a City-Edge Lifestyle
  • Top Location, Value Price!

It’s important to remember that you’re not writing for you, you are writing for a potential buyer or an investor. So, put yourself in their shoes. Imagine you are the buyer searching for houses on or and think about the sort of headline that would encourage you to read on.

How Do I Write An Engaging Opening Line?

The hook to your ad will instantly let the reader know whether they should continue to read on. It’s great to be creative and descriptive, but if there’s no substance behind what you’re writing and you’re not providing your reader with the information they want to know, you’ve lost their attention. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity for the writer to also highlight to the reader the sort of buyer/investor they are seeking. Nobody wins if a 6-person family is reading about a 4-bedroom home.

What’s An Example Of A Strong Opening Line?

Example: An exemplary masterpiece offering four large bedrooms and exquisite features throughout; this beauty is vacant and ready to move into.

Why Is This Opening Line Strong?

  • It tells the reader how many bedrooms there are.
  • The adjectives used suggest that this home is a prestigious home, and the agent is targeting a certain type of buyer.
  • It tells the reader that the house is vacant and ready to move in to. This is a major selling point for many buyers, especially leading up to Christmas where many families are pushing to get the keys to their new home before the year ends.

What Main Features Of The Property Should I Focus On?

Whether you’re writing to attract a buyer or an investor, both audiences are looking for the main features within your ad. Below is a printable checklist for your reference and the main features you should consider highlighting if they apply to the property.

Should I Provide Details On Location & Lifestyle Features?

Location and lifestyle are also important features when selling property. The buyer needs to feel comfortable knowing that they’re not just buying a property, but they’re also buying a lifestyle.

What location features should I focus on?
  • Is the property close to main amenities like local shops, public transport, cafes etc.?
  • Is the property surrounded by reputable schools and educational institutions?
  • Are their hospitals and medical facilities nearby?
  • Is the property close to parks, trails, walking tracks, the beach?
  • Are you able to easily access major freeways?
  • Is the house located in a quiet street and surrounded by friendly neighbours?

Buyers and investors rely on a quality location that offers everything at their doorstep. If you can articulate that within your real estate ad, then you’ve successfully engaged your reader.

Why Should I Include Feature Dot Points?

It’s essential to give your reader the option not to read the entirety of your content. Especially in the online world today, where consumers want information, and they want it fast, having to scan through paragraphs of text can be too time-consuming for some. So, it’s ideal to include a list of features to give your reader a quick overview of the property.

How Do I Write A Strong Call to Action?

Every great story or ad needs a strong closing line. Reiterate to your reader who the agent’s name is and their number. Encourage them to call and secure an inspection of the property. Adding a sense of urgency as well as an emotional pull to your closing line will encourage your reader to get in contact with the agent.

What Does A Strong Call To Action Look Like?

  • A magnificent home for your family, call Anne on 1800 EWORDS to organise your must-see inspection. This golden opportunity won’t last long!

Why Is This A Strong Call To Action?

  • It reiterates to the reader that this home is exactly what his/her family needs (emotional pull).
  • It mentions the agent’s name and number without the reader having to scroll to find it elsewhere.
  • It creates a sense of urgency that this won’t be on the market for long, so they should act fast.

Still Struggling To Write Your Real Estate Ad?

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